Abbotsford Private Psychiatric Hospital provides a safe, caring and supportive sanctuary for adults with psychological conditions.

Based in West Leederville, our 30 bed hospital is small enough to cater for the individual needs of inpatients while large enough to offer a diverse range of day patient and outpatient programs.


CEO Message

  • When Thoughts Become Words & Words Become Wounds

    I was given an interesting article to read by our Staff Educator, who has a knack of putting interesting and challenging articles out there for us all.

    This one was about a concept called Lateral Violence and its effect on the workforce. The article focused on nursing and proposed a theory that as clinicians the experiences we have lead to us being either a wounded person (termed the walking wounded) or a person who from the experience becomes a wounded healer.  (Lateral Violence in Nursing and the Theory of the Nurse as Wounded Healer: Wanda Christie, MNSc,RN & Sara Jones,PhD, PMHNP-BR,RN, Online J Issues Nurs. 2014;19(1))

    Interestingly, as I read it I realised how it could apply in any workforce and importantly to every individual. A key challenge to the reader is to be reflective of their own story and experiences, to review and understand what has enhanced them or detracted from them personally and in their interactions with others. Ultimately the reflection would lead to identification and resonance with either the walking wounded or the wounded healer.



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