Abbotsford Private Psychiatric Hospital provides a safe, caring and supportive sanctuary for adults with psychological conditions.

Based in West Leederville, our 30 bed hospital is small enough to cater for the individual needs of inpatients while large enough to offer a diverse range of day patient and outpatient programs.


CEO Message

  • sunrise of a new day

    People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously.

    This is how character is built.”                                                

                                               Eleanor Roosevelt



    2013 has passed.

    A year of challenges and a year of achievements and accomplishments.

    What do I take most from it?

    Remembering to accept each moment for what it was and to smile


    2014 has begun.

    For me the start of this year is especially rewarding as it commences in a fully complete

    and rebuilt hospital with an acceptance of its people, respect for their lived experiences

    and commitment to identifying and supporting growth opportunities for each individual.

    A new start, a new year full of potential and opportunities.

    An exciting time to reflect on past experiences and on choices and goals that will ensure

    we make of the days what will enrich and enhance us.




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