Abbotsford Private Psychiatric Hospital provides a safe, caring and supportive sanctuary for adults with psychological conditions.

Based in West Leederville, our 30 bed hospital is small enough to cater for the individual needs of inpatients while large enough to offer a diverse range of day patient and outpatient programs.


CEO Message

  • Excellence of care is a phrase well-used throughout the health industry. It is certainly what our patients and their family and supporters expect of us.

    But how is it attained? It can’t just exist. It has to be identified as a value, grown and nurtured. It is the responsibility of everyone not a few. It is the embodiment of true partnering.

    One of the core decision-making bodies for our organisation is the Risk & Management Committee made up of all the heads of departments, managers and team leaders.

    At our most recent meeting I did a quick mental tally of the years of experience within this group and found that around this single table there was conservatively about 170 years of experience being drawn upon.

     If I incorporated the medical and therapy heads of departments who were apologies at this meeting it would grow by another 100 years.  The experience  base  is across all aspects of health care and has been grown in experience bases of  psychiatry,  addiction medicine, psychology, general clinical,  quality management,  general administration and hospital ancillary services, nursing, mental health and therapy services and consumer experience.

    For a niche organisation such as ours, and given the size, our HR resources are such that we draw on a rich canvas of experience and expertise that is  all directed to and centred on our patients.  

    This knowledge base supports the decision making for the organisation and the primary goals are to keep us focused on and delivering high quality and safe services. 



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